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Geeks of Supernatural Unite!

For we are taking over the world...

Supernatural Geek
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To be able to geek out over everything that is Supernatural!

Are you obsessed with Supernatural? Do you quote Deanisms on a daily basis? Can you have in depth conversations on topics ranging from the Metallicar to WTF happened to Sam's hair in season 4? If so, then this is the place for you!

JL and Sara met at a Supernatural con in March of 2010 and it was geek at first sight! Since then, they've devoted much of their time to nerding off, having very intense and sometimes crazy conversations and continuously spamming each other with pics and sayings from our two favourite boys. But then they thought...why keep all this crazy for ourselves when we can share it with the rest of the awesome SPN World?

This is the child of that crazy idea, fueled by late night obsession emails and waaaay too many Toaster Strudels! We are looking forward to meeting other like-minded crazies to join in in a fun, drama free zone!