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WinchestMidwest 2015 was awesome!
agent_jl36 wrote in spn_geek
We packed a lot in this weekend in Madison, WI!

I did a panel called "Symbols and other Weird Things", where I talked about the Hand of Glory, Scarecrows, Rowena's symbols she painted on herself and the symbol for Blue Oyster Cult. I'll be putting some of the new info on spn_symbols soon.

Other panels included a fabulous one on Supernatural Hoodoo! I need my friend to present it again somewhere because there was so much fabulous info. She's going to teach me how to make my own incense too!

A true highlight of the trip was talking to Chad Lindberg Saturday afternoon! We asked him questions about SHOW, misc. guest-starring roles and the movie October Sky as well as his new ghost hunting show. Super nice guy and seemed genuinely interested in hearing about our group.

We played Supernatural clue and all enjoyed a full weekend of talking about our favorite obsession that is called....

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Looks like it was amazing...can't wait for your post on the symbols, and any other details you want to share!

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