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Family photo - worth the wait!
hey gurl hay
agent_jl36 wrote in spn_geek
family vegas 2015

source link

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What a nifty pic and tasty fuel for AU Winchesters! Thank you, agent_jl36 .

One small correction -- Jeffrey Dean Morgan did play John, but Mary was played by the lovely lady pictured here, Samantha SMITH. The much-missed character of Ellen Harvelle was played by the lovely Samantha FERRIS of your hashtag. Two blonde Samanthas and Dean's frequent needling of his brother by calling him Samantha means a lot of Sam power! :-D

But thank you again for the photo. Imagine if someone got permission and used it as the starting point for a meme or a whatmightvebeenbang...

Edited at 2015-03-16 12:59 am (UTC)

Aaaah! Thanks for catching that! I honestly didn't look beyond "Samantha" - oops. It's been corrected. Thanks again!

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