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So apparently this shirt is called...
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... the rusty bacon shirt...

Haa! *what is seen can not be unseen*

Nope. Absolutely not. *cough cough*

Jensen's facial expressions are so damn cute sometimes.

#AlwaysKeepFighting inspiration
rock on
indyrose75 wrote an amazingly honest piece about her husband's depression and PTSD after being in the Army. During his care, she started to watch Supernatural and soon, her husband began watching as well and begun to laugh and slowly come back. The author then turns that inspiration back and talks to/about Jared and giving him back a little of what the show did for her family,

Please take a moment and read the whole piece. We have all been inspired, one way or another, by this awesome show called Supernatural, but when you hear stories like this one, you can't help but be that much more prouder of it and it's fandom!

WinchestMidwest 2015 was awesome!
We packed a lot in this weekend in Madison, WI!

I did a panel called "Symbols and other Weird Things", where I talked about the Hand of Glory, Scarecrows, Rowena's symbols she painted on herself and the symbol for Blue Oyster Cult. I'll be putting some of the new info on spn_symbols soon.

Other panels included a fabulous one on Supernatural Hoodoo! I need my friend to present it again somewhere because there was so much fabulous info. She's going to teach me how to make my own incense too!

A true highlight of the trip was talking to Chad Lindberg Saturday afternoon! We asked him questions about SHOW, misc. guest-starring roles and the movie October Sky as well as his new ghost hunting show. Super nice guy and seemed genuinely interested in hearing about our group.

We played Supernatural clue and all enjoyed a full weekend of talking about our favorite obsession that is called....

Family photo - worth the wait!
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family vegas 2015

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"Slo-Mo" fight lol!
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American D-DEAN!
The Winchester Gospel

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"It took me a little while to light that scene, but I remember I had joy lighting this, because I was seeing it. We were still shooting on film at that time and on the monitor you could see the full result. I saw it in my head, and when I saw the result, I knew I did what I wanted to do – the loneliness, the sense of brotherhood, and want. Lighting provides a way to support technically what the filmmaker wants so say, and the lighting is a way to express myself that’s not in writing."

— Serge Ladouceur

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Happy Derp-mas everyone!!
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derps all around


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